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Home School Agreement

Our Values


We value honesty by:

  • Making sure everyone feels listened to

We develop friendship by:

  • Bringing out the best in each other
  • Showing pride in one another’s achievements
  • Creating strong partnerships between home, school and  the wider community

We promote tolerance by:

  • Valuing and respecting the rights of others

We show respect for others and our environment by:

  • Promoting good manners and a caring attitude

Our vision

By working together in partnership we aim to raise our children to be happy, successful, independent and responsible learners who respect themselves and others within the community in which they live.

We aim for excellence and equality by:

  • Holding the highest expectations for all
  • Striving for every child to make the best possible progress



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Home-School Agreement



The School

  • We will respect the rights of all  children and encourage them to develop positive relationships
  • We will provide a safe, secure and stimulating learning environment and encourage children to respect the rights of others
  • We will provide a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum tailored to the needs of each pupil
  • We will keep you regularly informed of your child’s progress
  • We will provide interesting and exciting clubs, trips and other activities
  • We will let you know of any concerns that we have


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The child

  • I will show honesty and will respect the rights of other children and adults
  • I will behave well and look after school property
  • I will always try my best and begin to take responsibility for my own learning; including my homework
  • I will respect my right to an education by working hard to achieve my targets and bring to school everything that I need for the day
  • I will make the most of the clubs, trips and other activities that take place at Hambrough
  • I will tell a member of staff if I am worried about anything


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  • I will be respect the rights of other adults and children
  • I will encourage my child to engage in rights respecting behaviour and be supportive of school policies; particularly in relation to behaviour
  • I will make sure that my child attends school regularly, arriving and leaving on time and encourage them to do their homework
  • I will take an interest in my child’s learning by attending Open Evenings and other school events
  • I will support the school where possible with trips and workshops.
  • I will let the school know, in a calm, supportive manner, of any problems which may affect my child’s health, work or behaviour


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