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Mini mentors are children chosen from Years 3-6 who have been trained to help other children in the school.

The training gives the children a better understanding of the importance of friendship, diversity, what bullying is, the causes and effects of bullying, and how they can help their peers respect the rights of others.

Mini mentors are split into small groups and work together on a weekly ‘rota’ during playtimes and lunchtimes.

They wear Hi-Viz jackets in the playground so that they can be easily recognised and approached by other children in need of their help.

The main role of mini mentors at Hambrough Primary School?

  • To be a friendly person that other children can go to for help if they need it
  • To act as a role model for other children
  • To play with children who are lonely or have no-one to play with   
  • To play games with children
  • To look out for bullying behaviour and tell an adult
  • To support children who have fallen out with their friends or are just feeling sad
  • To encourage children to be friends
  • To listen when someone needs to share a problem
  • To help children if they get hurt

Mini mentors meet regularly with the teacher running the Mini-Mentors programme,  to talk about any issues they may be having, and to learn new skills.

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